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I’m a 20-something Virginia based Wedding and Portrait Photographer, a storyteller, and a donut connoisseur with a heart for adventure and one too many cups of iced coffee. Most days, you'll find me snuggling with my 13-year old rescue pup, Leon or binge-watching shows with my high school sweetheart turned fiance, Dustin. I love all things neutral and roaming the aisles of Target and HomeGoods. I run on naps and I'm an INFJ and a homebody to the core!

There’s an unexpected gravitational force that comes to bear when we’re immersed in what we love. I am so grateful to have found something that I am passionate about at a young age. It is an honor and a blessing to be welcomed into my clients' lives and be a part of their journey. Whether it's their love story, their growing family, or their most joyous milestones. I love getting to capture the authentic and raw emotions and moments behind every portrait session and wedding day.

Going right to the heart of it: I believe in storytelling and want to help tell yours for generations to come. I want you to look at your photographs and have all of those memories come flooding back; pure bliss, sentiment, love, and laughter.

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It was the second day of 7th grade when Dustin sat next to me in our History class but it wasn't until Freshman year of high school when we started dating. Here we are, nearly 10 years later; engaged, residing in Aldie, VA, and fighting over cuddles with our sweet rescue, Leon.

We have grown together over the years and we are still learning that there will always be seasons of change and seasons of feeling defeated but the good days will always outweigh the bad. It's not easy; trying to balance our dreams without sacrificing the others' and still showing up for one another daily.

I say these things because we know. We know what it's like to face trials and tribulations together. But we also know that love shows up when you feel like you're on your last straw. So in those moments of doubt or weakness,


about marla

keep fighting.

It is my hope that as a client or potential client, you know that I KNOW there is more to each relationship than the pretty pictures. But it is through your photos where I hope you are able to look back and remember the "Why" behind your relationship. Love always wins.

i live for

• exploring old towns & new cities
• all-neutral everything
• stylish bar carts and mimosas
• the stars & late night drives
• quality time with loved ones
• candles. anywhere. everywhere.
• all the chick-fil-a sauce
• napping at any hour of the day
• grey's anatomy & friends
• sunsets and spontaneity
• and last but not least, my fur
  child and everyone's spirit animal: 

how i feel about what i do

Mr. Leon


Extending the life of any given marriage, relationship, or family by capturing slices of time that might one day serve as a reminder of how much my couples and families love each other in a moment when they desperately need to be reminded

i believe in

the experience


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