25 Things I Want to Do In The Next Year

February 28, 2018

Today is my 25th birthday.

I’m sorry, what? Typing that sentence gives me all sorts of feels.

As with all birthdays and the weeks leading up to it, I’ve found myself wavering between completely forgetting that I’m turning another year older and panicking because another year of life is behind me. Sometimes I feel like a straight-up grandma and other days, I feel like I’m still 21. I know what you’re thinking, there’s not much of a difference between being 21 and 25. But…there is.

So much can happen (and change) in 4 years. I am a BIG proponent of making the most of your twenties and now that I’m halfway through my twenties, this whole “quarter life crisis” thing is hitting me. And it’s hitting me hard.

Have I made the most of these past few years? What would I go back and change? Have I done enough? Could I have done more?

While I can sit and ponder, it would really do me no good at all. I’ve done what I am capable of and I’ve fought (and fought hard) to be where I’m at today. I used to be a creature of validation. I needed reassurance and guidance in everything I did. Whether it comes with age or time, I don’t know…but I do know that I am doing what I can and I am proud of who I am. Today—at 25-years old.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that I love writing. As an INFJ, I have a lot on my mind that I usually don’t get the chance to express. With recently starting this blog, I’m thankful to have a place where I can document things that I can later refer to. With that being said, I plan on reading this post on my next birthday to see if the things I want to do, my mindset, and goals have been successful or if they will change within the next year.

I decided that if I want great things to happen in the next year, I have to manifest it. Hold myself accountable. Write it down, make it happen.



Without further ado…

Here are 25 things I want to do in the next year:

1) Grow my business/blog even more

Publish relatable and helpful content, find my groove and voice.

2) Make more time for meaningful relationships

Even if it means leaving my blanket cocoon and the comfort of my home more often.

3) Learn about wine. Like…really learn it

I’m getting too old to be standing in the wine aisle reading more labels and descriptions than I can keep track of.

4) Revisit the places that made me who I am

I am a very nostalgic person, I need to think less and do more. These places may not be here forever.

5) Buy more house plants (and keep them alive)

I went from zero plants to six plants in a span of 2 weeks. If I keep this up, we’re in trouble…

6) Spend a day being a tourist in my own city

We’re talking all the hidden food gems, museums, monuments…the whole D.C. experience!

7) Learn to say ‘no’ —to myself

I need to put my well-being and best interest first. Once my wheels start spinning, there’s no stopping me. Even if it’s 5 AM.

8) Make a habit of telling people how I feel

The most exhausting thing is holding in feelings. I want to feel comfortable expressing how I feel without receiving backlash.

9) Learn to drive a manual car

This is a strange one but it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn…because I’m a ‘you-never-know’ type person.

10) Step out of my comfort zone

At least one time in the next year, I want to do something that I never would have done previously. I’m not sure what it will be but when the time comes, I hope I rise to the challenge.

11) Hit a fitness goal

I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in nearly 3 years but fitness is fun and I believe we can all benefit from hitting a fitness goal or two.

12) Learn calligraphy

This is something I’ve been meaning to dabble in for quite awhile now. I would never want to make a business of it but I do believe it’s a nice skill to have.

13) Continue to read at least 3 books per month

It’s been life-changing…and I need to keep up with the books I keep buying!

14) Visit more states I’ve never been to

Because why not.

15) Get a tattoo that will remind me of my twenties

I don’t know what it will be but my hope is that it will tell a story. I want it to be a piece that resonates with me and where I’m at in life right now.

16) Send more snail mail

What’s better than receiving a handwritten letter or card personally addressed to you?

17) Volunteer at an animal shelter or for a rescue organization

Leon is a rescue and one of the best decisions of our lives. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and look forward to following through with it this year.

18) Continue to inspire and help people purge and organize

This is something I’ve recently become invested in. Nothing feels better than helping people “let go”. The response has been great and I hope more people will give the “less is more” mindset a chance. It truly is refreshing and has given me so much peace of mind.

19) Learn more about interior design and decorating

In order to keep my creative juices flowing, I feel as though I have to keep learning. Not just about photography but other fields of art and design.

20) Book 25 in-home sessions

I am most comfortable in my own home as I’m sure many others are. I want couples, families, even people living on their own to know that there are very few things more special than capturing photos of yourself/loved ones in your home. One day, you’ll want these photos to look back at.

21) Have more unplugged weekends

This is going to be a tough one but something I know will be much-needed and necessary.

22) Enjoy the wedding-planning process

Dustin and I are doing all-things out of the ordinary when it comes to planning our wedding but we could not be more excited about the route we’ve decided to take and are so grateful to have supportive friends and family. We want this to be anything but stressful.

23) Learn to forgive and forget

This is something I believe everyone learns on their own time. For me? It’s solely because I think holding grudges and having that extra weight on my shoulders will never benefit me or the person/people involved. In all honesty, I’d rather be the person who forgave and forgot than the person who let something consume all their energy.

24) Stop comparing my life to others’

No two journeys are the same and life should never be about racing to the finish line.

25) Continue to say yes to the good things in life

…like coffee dates, pizza, long car rides, catching a sunset, going for a walk, and anything that feeds my soul.


At 25, I see so clearly the two roads in front of me; a life of comfort and a life of risk. I’m unsure whether or not I have the right directions to go down either path but I do know that a life where you’re not challenging yourself is not a life well-lived. Here’s to doing more to be a better me. Here’s to 25 and all it has in store.

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